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Multimedia Message Service, or MMS messaging is a richer form of SMS (text messaging), which enables you to send audio, video, vCard and images  to customers to improve user experience, heighten integration of marketing campaigns and increase engagement.


Benefits of MMS

MMS holds many advantages for your business when it comes to communicating with customers. From confirming appointments to advising when packages will be delivered, inviting customers to events and helping with technical support, MMS can deliver an improved customer experience over the purely text-based SMS.

With options to send videos, images and audio, all of which enables you to put your brand in front of customers using a medium they are very familiar with – the ubiquitous mobile phone, MMS offers the opportunity to grab attention and increase engagement.


MMS Use Cases

MMS has many use cases, some of which are highlighted below:

  • Shopping coupons
  • Dinner coupons
  • Event brochures
  • Short video Tutorials
  • Airline Ticket Passbook
  • Movie ticket wallet
  • Event reminders
  • Invoices
  • Picture Proof for Insurance claims.

Visit the Sinch MMS product page to learn more.

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