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When faced with a choice between SMS (short message service / text message) and MMS (multimedia message service), it depends what kind of message you are planning to send. If you are planning on only sending simple text messages, then SMS is the way to go.


If you plan to send images, video, or audio files then MMS is a better choice. MMS messaging provides advantages over SMS messaging when you want to enjoy increased opportunities to communicate your brand and send more interactive content to your customers. MMS is ideal for sending Images, Audio and video files. In addition, MMS messages can support text-only messages that exceed 160 characters (the limit of regular SMS messages).


With the ability to send audio, images and short video clips, MMS can become part of an integrated marketing campaign to help raise awareness of and trust in your brand, ultimately resulting in increased engagement and a higher return on investment.


Take a look at the Sinch SMS and MMS product pages for more information on how these types of messaging can be used.

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