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Recommended File Size of MMS Videos

No Transcoding: We recommend keeping MMS video files under 740Kb.
Sinch Transcoding: We recommend keeping MMS video files under 10MB. This will result in Video files from 300Kb to 1.5Mb.


Recommended Video Dimensions for MMS Videos

Landscape Video Format (Horizontal)
1280px by 720px

Portrait Video Format (Vertical)
640px by 1138px


Additional best practices for MMS Videos

Maximum duration for HD quality video: 20 seconds.
Maximum duration for high deliverability: 30 seconds.

Frame Rate: 30 FPS.


Further Advice for Videos

You can improve the quality of your video by using the following techniques:

  • Use spoken audio instead of music.
  • Use slower movements in the video.
  • Use solid colors.
  • Video source files are best in .mp4 formats.
  • Different carriers have different requirements when it comes to the file size of a video. Carriers may decrease the size of the video if it is too large. This could affect the quality that is provided.

Visit the Sinch MMS product page to learn more.

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