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LINE Official Account can send various types of messages to users via two main messaging methods, reply messages and push messages:


Reply messages

Reply messages are sent in response to user actions, such as LINE user is adding your LINE Official Account as a friend or initiating a message to your LINE Official Account. You have up to 1 minute to send a reply message without charge. Any subsequent messages after the first reply message or more than 1 min since the user's last user actions will be push messages. 
Push messages  There are several types of push messages:
  • Push messages (one-to-one)
  • Multicast messages (one-to-many, targeting a list of user IDs)
  • Narrowcast messages (one-to-many, targeting a segmented list)
  • Broadcast messages (one-to-many, targeting all friends)

Only push messages (one-to-one) are supported by the Conversation API.  

You can send a push message under one of the following conditions:

  • Users who have added your LINE Official Account as a friend
  • Users who have sent a message to your LINE Official Account within 7 days in the one-to-one chat.


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