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ConsultationTalk messages are messages sent and received during a chat session that is initiated by KakaoTalk end-users. When the user has initiated a chat session with a business, all messages sent and received during the session are ConsultationTalk messages. The chat session can be closed by the user at any time, and will be automatically closed if the user has not replied for 30 days.


Note: If there is no open ConsultationTalk chat session, businesses are unable to send

ConsultationTalk messages to the user. To send a message to a user outside of a ConsultationTalk session, the business must send an AlimTalk message or a FriendTalk message to the user's phone number, depending on the circumstance and reason for contact.


An end-user can start a ConsultationTalk chat session as a guest from a business' channel profile page. Alternatively, if the user is already a friend of the channel, they can message the business from their contact list. They can also initiate a chat session by responding to an AlimTalk or FriendTalk message.


When sending ConsultationTalk messages, businesses can send any of the generic Conversation API message types, including text, media, choice, card, carousel, and location messages. Businesses do not need to use approved templates to send ConsultationTalk messages.


For more information, see the Sinch Developer Documentation site. There, you'll find comprehensive documentation that illustrate how Sinch supports KakaoTalk through the Conversation API.

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