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MMS Functionality for our test account

New Contributor

Hey Sinch Support,


We have been trying to send MMS to a number that we can completly use for SMS for outgoing and incoming messages, but MMS messages are not delivered even we get success payload via API. Can you assist us to enable MMS functionality or identifying the issue?

This is response;

"id": "01H8ECG3BB1J68A5W8ZYR97VWD",
"to": [
"from": "10907",
"canceled": false,
"body": {
"message": "Text message from Sinch!",
"type": "mt_media",
"created_at": "2023-08-22T10:26:27.307Z",
"modified_at": "2023-08-22T10:26:27.307Z",
"delivery_report": "none",
"expire_at": "2023-08-25T10:26:27.307Z",
"strict_validation": false

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello, thank you for reaching out!


It looks like you are trying to use the SMS API to send MMS messages. In order to send MMS messages using the SMS API, the corresponding functionality must be enabled for your account. Please contact Sinch support, who will be able to enable this feature on your account.

If you have already done so, or if you run into other issues after the feature is enabled, please feel free to add another reply to this post. Also, note that:


  • Only mobile terminated MMS messages are supported at this time

  • MMS support is currently only available in the US region


Thank you!

Sam Williams, Sinch Documentation Engineer