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Erasing my personal data from sinch database

New Contributor


I'm receiving spam from SINCH because I bought a product from the company Sain Maclou.

I would like to erase my informations from all database to make sure I do not receive anymore spam from any customers of Sinch.

How do I proceed ?

Your sincerely




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Alain,

Please contact the company Sain Maclou which you purchased from. They should be able to assist you to remove your details from their records.

If they are unable to assist you then please contact the Sinch Support team who will be able to assist you.

Kind regards,


Shahzad Ismail
Head of Knowledge Management and Community Engagement, Sinch

New Contributor

Customer ticket sent and tomorrow there will be a hot discussion with Saint Maclou because saying I promsie you your phone number is just for organizing the work in your house you will not receive spam SMS or comemrcial phone call, and then this morning receiving already SMS is just a lie. Won't work ever again with those bad.


That can be very frustrating! I'm sorry you're experiencing unwanted messages. 


Opt-in and opt-out features in messaging are recognised good industry practices and something we strongly recommend at Sinch. Our developer documentation details how to set opt-in & opt-out using our messaging APIs: