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When you create an account in the Sinch Customer Dashboard, it is created as a Trial account. Trial accounts allow you to try out Sinch products and services, but they have certain limitations:

  • You will only receive 2 units of your country’s currency as a test credit, for example, $2 USD for US based accounts.
  • You can only send unrestricted text messages to your own verified numbers in SMS, otherwise the content will be replaced by a test template.
  • You cannot buy Numbers, you can only test using a test Number that is provided by Sinch.
  • Certain destinations may not allow you to send test messages.
  • Certain channels and services are locked to Trial accounts.

To overcome these restrictions, you can easily upgrade your account:


Log in to the Sinch Customer Dashboard and select the Upgrade option from the Billing menu on the left panel. The Upgrade page is displayed:


Upgrade Account.png


This page allows you to select your payment method and choose how much you would like to add to your account. You can choose to pay by Credit Card or PayPal.


When upgrading your account you must pay in a minimum of 10 units of your account currency, for example, $10 USD for US based accounts.


Follow the on-screen instructions to select your payment method and add funds.



  • All payments are processed securely but availability of payment options differs by region and account type.
  • First time payments are processed and checked manually, so it may take a couple of days before the upgrade is processed
  • Please keep an eye on your email in case an Account Manager reaches out to you with a request for more information.

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