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Sinch uses Access keys (tokens) to authenticate users. These tokens can be obtained from an OAuth2 token endpoint, which supports the client_credentials flow where a client_id and client_secret are used to authenticate the calling party.


An access key is comprised of:

  • KEY ID - The client_id is referred to as KEY ID and is your API key. When sending a call through the API, it lets us know which account to bill.

  • KEY SECRET - The client_secret is referred to as the KEY SECRET and is an extra layer of security which is only visible when you create an access key.


  • When you create an Access key, note down your KEY SECRET carefully as this is only displayed when you create the Access key. If you lose your KEY SECRET (formerly called the secret ID) you will need to generate a new access key.

  • SMS Messaging uses a Service Plan ID and API Token for authentication. Read the SMS Service Plan IDs and API Tokens article to learn more.


Where can I find my Access Keys (KEY ID and KEY SECRET)?

Log in to the Sinch Customer Dashboard.

  • If you're using the beta version of our Customer Dashboard, click your profile icon then click Access Keys: 


    The Account menu is displayed on the left. Click the Access Keys option:


  • If you are using the legacy dashboard, click Settings on the left menu, then click Access keys:

    Access Keys Page legacy.jpg

The Access keys page is displayed. This page shows your project(s) and corresponding Project ID(s) and a list of your Access keys and the corresponding KEY IDs.

How do I create new Access Keys?


To create a new Access Key from the Access keys page:


  1. In the Access key list section, click NEW KEY to create a new key. The New Access Key form is displayed:


    Enter a display name for your key and click CONFIRM.

  2. The Key is created and the Key ID & Key Secret form is displayed:


    Copy the Key ID and Key Secret. Click CONFIRM.

    – You must copy and store the Key Secret that is generated. You won't be able to retrieve it again once you’ve created the key.

  3. You are returned to the Access Keys page where your new key is displayed in the Access key list section:


    The KEY SECRET is only displayed on initial creation of a new Access key.

If you have any questions, contact Sinch or to reach out to your Sinch Account Manager

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