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Trial accounts in the Sinch Customer Dashboard allow you to try out Sinch products and services.


When you are using your trial account you can only send text messages to your own verified numbers.  When you sign up for a trial account, the number you use as part of the sign up process is verified by default. Click here to learn  how to add a different verified number to your account.


Trial accounts allow you to try out Sinch products and services, but they have certain limitations:

  • You will only receive 2 units of your country’s currency as a test credit, for example, $2 USD for US based accounts.
  • You can only send unrestricted text messages to your own verified numbers in SMS, otherwise the content will be replaced by a test template.
  • You cannot buy Numbers, you can only test using a test Number that is provided by Sinch.
  • Certain destinations may not allow you to send test messages.
  • Certain channels and services are locked to Trial accounts.

To overcome these restrictions, you can easily upgrade your account


Learn more about Sinch’s SMS Products.

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