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If more than 24 hours has passed since a customer contacted you on WhatsApp, the agent needs to use a predefined WhatsApp template to re-engage with the customer. WhatsApp templates are messages that have been approved by Meta.


When the 24 hour limit has passed, the message input field in Workspace is disabled and only sending of WhatsApp templates is allowed.


For agents to send WhatsApp templates:

  1. In Conversations > Workspace, go to the input field at the bottom of the chat panel.
  2. Click the bell button Screenshot 2022-09-15 at 10.45.22.png and select one of the available WhatsApp templates. The Send WhatsApp template pop up appears.
  3. Select the template and, if needed, language and variables. Review the template in the preview on the right.
  4. Select the checkbox to confirm sending, as using a WhatsApp template can incur an additional cost. Click SUBMIT.


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