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Agents can suggest new reply templates from messages they have already sent to customers. A suggested reply template needs approval by an administrator. Once approved, it's available to all agents in the Reply templates extension.


To suggest a sent message as a reply template:

  1. Click the plus button add_reply_template.png to the left of the message you want to suggest as a reply template. The Suggest new reply template pop up appears.
  2. Give the reply template a name. This name is visible to all agents when selecting a reply template to use, so make sure it’s descriptive.
  3. If needed, edit the message text. You can also use:
    • attributes to make the text personal or contextual (for example, $profile_name$ to add the customer name in a greeting)
      Just add $ to see the attributes to select from.
    • emojis
  4. Click SAVE. The reply template suggestion is now sent to your administrator who can approve or reject it in Conversations > Settings under the Reply template tab.


Once approved, the new reply template is visible in the Reply templates extension.

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