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Installation with many branches




I'm interested in how other customers are handling such requirements.

We have different customers with similar requirements, so I'm referring to only one of these.


Our customer has its main Sinch Contact Pro system located in Germany, and they have branches in different countries all over the world.

In every country they have a local SBC to have the voice traffic (agent <> PSTN) staying within the location.


In bigger countries with high amount of calls they additionally have a seperate MRS server (connected to main Sinch Contact Pro system) to have also prompt streaming (MRS <> PSTN) within the location, AND they have a local Sinch Contact Pro installation there which is meant for fail-over purposes.

So if there is a problem with internet connection between branch and main office, then the agents have the possibility to login to local Sinch Contact Pro installation and so they are still able to make incoming and outgoing phone calls.


For this, we have configured a replication from main Sinch Contact Pro system (Configuration DB, Directory DB and Operative DB) to their local Sinch Contact Pro installations to always have the current user settings and callflows at local system, too.


Our problem is that this replication script is not maintained by Sinch anymore and that we have serious problems in starting that script at never SQL installations.

Most of the times there are no problems with internet connection, but in China they already had problems sometimes and they want to be prepared for scenarios where a big outage (tsunami, earthquake, war, ...) destroys the internet connection to main office.


How do other customers of Sinch Contact Pro handle this kind of requirement?



Best regards,




I would like to share info around this topic to share the problem. 

The case is that database replication script was written for disaster recovery use cases, but can of course be used in this kind of actions as well. But the main problem with the script is that components it's using are deprecated by Microsoft. Earlier those were part of Microsoft SQL Server. 


Now I cannot remember what was the component, but can find it out if needed. Also one of Sinch Contact Pro partners were trying to take the script to modern day some time ago, but right now I don't remember the results. Will check with the partner. 


Jukka Suhonen, Contact Pro Senior Product Engineer