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On Sinch Engage, you can save variables by using a Collect info block. Another way to save variables is by remembering the customer's choice on a button click. 


To save a variable under a button click:

  1. Add Reply buttons to your Chatbot builder.
  2. Edit the title, textfield, and give your first button a name according to your use-case. For this example, our bot will ask the user what kind of pizza they would like to order.
  3. Click on Optional to open the dropdown.1.png
  4. Click on Add variable to add a variable when a user clicks on this button within a conversation. Here, you could choose to select a customer property. In our example, we will name the variable "pizza" and we will give it the value "margherita" when a customer clicks on the Margherita button. 
  5. Add another button and do the same for another value.2.png
  6. Save your changes by clicking on the checkmark at the upper-right corner of the window.
  7. Open a following dialog in your builder and re-use your variable by putting in between {}. 3.png
  8. Test your bot. Your bot now remembers the customer's choice under a variable and can use it again!



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