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10DLC throughput is managed at a brand or campaign level, so it's not generally required to use more than one number for your campaign. However, there may be some use cases that require multiple numbers. If you intend to use more than 50 numbers for your 10DLC campaign, then a special configuration called a "number pool" must be set up for your campaign. 
Some campaign use cases where a number pool may be needed include:
  • Proxy (conversational) – typically this is where numbers are rotated through a pool, such as ride-share or logistics/delivery companies assigning a pool of proxy numbers between their drivers and customers.
  • Agents and Franchises – this use case may require a number pool for assignment to individual employees within a company, or use cases that require locality, such as:
    • Hotels, hospitality, restaurants
    • Offices (doctors, dentists, etc.)
    • Contact centers
    • Retail companies’ brick and mortar stores
    • Franchises, banks, insurance agencies
    • Agents with dedicated phone numbers
    • Customer care
    • Churches
    • Emergency services (PSAP support)
    • Educational (multiple universities/schools/campuses)
  • UCaaS (Unified Communication as a Service) – a number pool may be needed for UCaaS campaigns for businesses with more than 50 employees
  • Platform Free Trial – a pool of numbers may be required in order to ensure number availability for trial users.
You can fill out the 10DLC Number Pool Request Form, or reach out to your Sinch Account Manager for assistance in requesting and configuring a number pool for your 10DLC campaign.
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