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All brands must register their company information via TCR (The Campaign Registry) and get approval before they can send 10DLC messaging campaigns.

There are two options for registering your brand with the TCR:

  • Visit the TCR portal and select Register Now to register your brand.
  • If you do not have a direct partnership with TCR, Sinch can help with registering - share your brand information (company name, tax identification number, and contact details) with Sinch, and we’ll register your brand for you.

Either way, ensure your company name, tax ID, and company address are 100% accurate - inaccurate information will cause delays in your time to market.

Once you’ve registered, your brand is in a “verified” state. This means that the TCR is performing an identity check to make sure things match up and you can get started. If you are in an “unverified” state, you’ll need to fix any issues before you can run a 10DLC campaign.

If you already have an existing 10DLC brand registered in TCR, Sinch allows you to import your existing 10DLC brand so you can register a new 10DLC campaign via the Sinch dashboard or configure numbers with existing campaigns associated with your brand. Learn how to Import your 10DLC Brand to Sinch.

If you do not have a 10DLC enabled brand, Sinch will help register a new brand for you in TCR.


Note: You can only create a 10DLC campaign for a 10DLC enabled brand that you have registered in the Sinch dashboard or for an imported brand that Sinch has registered on your behalf in TCR (The Campaign Registry). You cannot create a 10DLC campaign in the dashboard for a brand that you have registered directly in TCR – you will need to complete your 10DLC campaign registration directly in TCR. 


Refer to the Creating a new 10DLC Brand article to learn how to create a new 10DLC brand.

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