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Snowshoeing or Snowshoe Messaging (or pooling) is a technique used to spread messages across many sending phone numbers, or short codes, for the purposes of overcoming carrier filtering systems.


It involves spreading similar messages (and message content) across multiple numbers as a way to avoid per number rate limits and volume limitations at carriers.


Snowshoeing is a common technique used by spammers. Adopting this technique often results in your messages being blocked based on your message content, URLs, etc. This technique is often used to dilute  reputation metrics and evade filters. 


Sinch does not support Snowshoe Messaging because its purpose is to evade carrier filtering and processes. 


  • Most, if not all of the time, snowshoeing attempts get caught and their numbers are automatically blocked by carriers. 
  • T-Mobile has specific penalties ($1,000 per instance) around program evasion of the 10DLC program, and snowshoeing falls into that category. 
  • It is an unsustainable way of sending message content to consumers, mainly over grey routes. 
  • Most of the time, it is unwanted traffic. 
  • Carrier filtering mechanisms are smart enough to detect instances of this and immediately block this traffic. 
  • If Sinch is caught supporting this type of traffic we are at risk of losing our carrier connections. 

Looking for a sanctioned alternative? Check out 10DLC.  With 10DLC Snowshoeing is not needed, the MNO’s have greatly increased TPS/TPM to accommodate multiple use cases, including marketing. Throughput is based on the Brands vetting score, higher score, higher(est) throughput. 


Visit the Sinch 10DLC Product Page to learn more or if you need more help with 10DLC or have any questions, contact Sinch, who will be happy help!

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