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During development, it's best to have a developer channel to test rather than using the WeChat Official account in production. For every WeChat account, you can create one developer channel.

This is a guide to show you how to create a developer channel for test.

Step 1: Log into WeChat Official Account Platform and go to Developer Tool and Official Accounts Platform Testing Account.



Step 2: Enter the appID and appsecret as Developer ID and Developer Password on the Conversation API dashboard - channel setup for WeChat. 

wechat config.png

Sinch Dashboard - WeChat channel setupSinch Dashboard - WeChat channel setup
Step 3: Create a token and add to WeChat Official Account Platform and Sinch dashboard. Enter "optional" to AESKey as developer test account does not support this.
Step 4: Click "Save" on Conversation API dashboard - channel setup for WeChat. Copy the Callback URL and paste it to WeChat Official Account Platform.
Now the WeChat developer channel is setup, you will find the QR code further down on the Official Accounts Platform Testing Account page. Scan the QR code using your WeChat app on your mobile device, add as a friend then send a message from the WeChat app to the Conversation API to start testing.
The Sinch Developer Documentation site contains comprehensive documentation and tutorials, which show you how we support WeChat through the Sinch Conversation API.
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