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A WeChat Official Account does not allow you to send promotional messages to your followers on a regular basis. However, WeChat does allow service accounts to broadcast 4 promotional messages to its followers per month.  

NOTE: Conversation API supports 1:1 direct messaging to followers so broadcasting is not available.

 With the Conversation API, it’s possible to send messages with promotional content during a reply to a message or when followers click on the custom chat menu or at the time when they start to follow Official Account. 


Refer to the table below for further details:


Action by WeChat user

Sends a message to your WeChat Official Account

Clicks on bottom menu

Subscribes to your channel

Number of replies a business can send


Resets when a user replies



How long after user action

48 hours

1 minute

1 minute


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‎03-21-2023 12:52 AM
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