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Sinch Verification API provides a platform for phone number verification. It consists of different software development kits (the Sinch SDKs) that you integrate with your smartphone or web application and cloud based back-end services. Together they enable SMS, Flashcall, Phone Call and Data verification in your application.


Supported verification methods

When using Sinch for Verification, the Sinch dashboard provides four possible ways of verifying a phone number available both on iOS and Android devices. In some cases the SDK can automatically intercept the verification code and pass it back to the Sinch backend, however your application should always be prepared to present a text input field in case of automatic extraction failure. The verification methods that are currently supported are:

SMS The user enters a code they receive via SMS message. On Android, automatic code extraction is available, however on iOS an input field must be always presented and the number has to be typed manually by the user. Learn more.
Flashcall Sinch makes a flashcall (missed call) and detects the incoming calling number (CLI). Learn more.
Phone Call The user gets the verification code by answering an incoming Sinch phone call and responds by pressing the requested code or number. Learn more.
Data verification

 Sinch uses telephony provider infrastructure to verify the phone number without any user interaction. Because of that, mobile data must be enabled. Learn more.


Note: If you want to use data verification, please contact your account manager.


The Sinch Verification API service takes care of all the different steps in a verification process and lets developers focus on building great applications while easily reinforcing their sign up and login processes.


To learn more about Verification API and find out how to get started - visit our Verification API developer site

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