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Tips for creating your template

  • Give clear names to your templates, which refer to the content of your message and explain the context in which it will be sent, with only lower-case letters, numbers, and underscores (spacers).
  • Choose the correct category for your template.
  • The content should be clear, brief, and to the point.
  • Find out if there are specific moments of your operation for which you can create default templates that can be reused.
  • When your message is written, you should consider the fact that the team in charge of approvals does not know the context in which they are inserted.
  • Read your template out loud and notice how it sounds.
  • Pay attention to your HSM formatting. Dynamic fields must be according to standards, and the message cannot contain any typos or grammar mistakes.
  • In order to reopen a session with your user, mention what you had been previously talking about.
  • Do not induce your customer to remain in the flow.

Note: The business must provide a sample message text – showing how they will use the requested message template, otherwise WhatsApp will reject the message template request.



Issues with formatting lead to a template being rejected. Pay attention and make sure your text is according to acceptance standards.
  • Dynamic fields must be numbers between two curly brackets and surrounded by information that clearly indicate what will be inserted there;
  • We cannot use line breaks, tab, or consecutive spaces.
  • Grammar mistakes and typos will cause your template to be rejected. Slang and informal language are accepted, but you should note that they will not always make sense for the team in charge of approvals.

Formatting Examples

Correct Formatting Incorrect Formatting
Hello, {{1}}! How are you? This is your flight ticket number: {{2}}.
How are you? Below are your ticket details:
Your flight to the city of {{3}} is scheduled for {{4}}, at {{5}}. Have a nice trip!  {{2}}
Make sure to write down your flight details so you don’t forget:
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