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What is the advantage of pure VoLTE to VoLTE interconnects and what is the value that IPX providers can offer?


Most of international VoLTE traffic (not roaming) is still carrier via traditional interconnects.  Pure VoLTE-to-VoLTE interconnects extend the benefits of VoLTE to international calls: HD call quality and short call set-up times.  IPX providers like Digital Interconnect can help setting up SIP interworking between mobile operator networks by providing a SIP hubbing service which offers a normalization function between different implementations of the SIP standard.  It can also handle MNP and ENUM queries on behalf of the calling party network: we can discover the network owning the called party number as well as the IP address of the gateway of that network so call routing can be accomplished both at the network layer and at the service layer.


IPX 365 can also act as an ENUM proxy for inbound VoLTE traffic.  Operators are generally concerned about routing their outbound traffic. But in the world of VoLTE interworking, capturing inbound traffic also requires attention: an operator must advertise valid and correct IP addresses for its number ranges so traffic can be routed to their network. This advertisement is always a security concern and one that IPX 365 can help with.


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