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What is the Intelligent Hubbing 365 Mobile Service?


Digital Interconnect’s Intelligent Hubbing mobile service enables mobile operators to have the best of both worlds – bilateral connectivity to valued partners and the convenience of a completely outsourced, hub-based SMS interworking solution to complete full coverage across the globe.


The Intelligent Hubbing service leverages advanced origin-based routing features allowing SMS 365 to act as a centralized point of aggregation for SMS connectivity, enabling traffic to be screened and delivered to the correct destination, using either a bilateral or hub-based delivery model. The solution is fully transparent to the SMS 365 customer‘s routing network configuration, removing the need for cumbersome and complex modification of the SMS 365 customer’s routing tables by operational teams already focused on all aspects of international business.


Intelligent Hubbing 365 solution was designed together with our customers to simplify P2P SMS routing, enable cost savings, improve service quality while allowing customer to maintain full control. The solution enables customer to easily select when SMS is routed via direct or SMS hub route without any configuration changes on customer side. The Number Resolution System (NRS) ensures that number portability is first resolved to allow SMS routing to be split between direct and hub route for same destination country.


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