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What are the best practices for MNOs to monetize Enterprise Messaging?


The best practices for MNOs to monetize enterprise messaging are as follows:



  • Implement SMS Firewall Managed services to enjoy proactive protection and updates on global threats
  • Review filters configuration at list on a weekly basis.


  • Mitigate costs bypass over fair pricing and small delta between international and domestic termination rates.


  • Don’t enable International messaging termination over domestic links
  • Control IP links traffic by contractually limiting access to your network to a predefined white-list of originating addresses, for example, Facebook, 1234, etc.
  • Define as ‘International’ all SMS from OTTs (Facebook, Google, etc. ..) and from Enterprises with legal address outside the OpCo’s country.


Operators recognize Grey routing and SIM Farms as the most popular ways to send A2P messages for free or at reduced rates but over 40% MNOs worldwide have not implemented the necessary cost-bypass preventing measures. Digital Interconnect can help you to structure your operational and business strategies to best monetize your A2P traffic and to provide you with the best tools.


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