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Can Digital Interconnect text-enable (or SMS-enable) toll-free numbers?


Yes. Toll-free numbers are an important business asset and to many enterprises.  The fact that they can now be text-enabled for SMS simply increases the value of that asset. Digital Interconnect can text-enable any toll-free number to allow it to be shown as a sender ID for business texts as well as providing the ability of customers to send texts to the toll-free number. 


Many toll-free numbers are used for customer support.  A text-enabled customer support toll-free number can provide businesses with the ability to say "Call or Text Us," which is important to many consumers today.  The ability to interact via text or SMS with a business over their toll-free number provides consumers with a popular channel to reach the business.  Additionally, it increases the equity of an existing communications asset by supporting channels that can help lower the cost of customer support as well as consumer outreach.


William Dudley Head of Mobile Innovations & Evagelism,