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How do you ensure and control that SMS MO and MT traffic is balanced?


The MO and MT P2P SMS imbalance can be caused by number of factors, for example:

  1. Asymmetrical routing (direct vs hub1 vs hub2)
  2. A2P or Spam SMS
  3. MT SMS grey or unauthorized routing.

It is important to first understand why the imbalance exists so that the right action can be taken to address it.


Asymmetrical Routing

This can often happen when customer maintains direct and SMS hub path, sometimes with two SMS hub connection. MO SMS is routed via one path and MT SMS is received via another path.

Digital Interconnect’s Intelligent Hubbing 365 solution can help to control this by allowing customers to easily select which path MO should be routed to match the MT path.

Click here to learn more about the Intelligent Hubbing 365 solution.

A2P or Spam SMS

When P2P SMS traffic is analysed, we often find A2P or spam traffic in the mix. It is important to have spam protection for SMS traffic and ensure A2P traffic is identified and routed via correct A2P route.

Digital Interconnect’s Messaging Proxy 365 solution is designed to classify message category so that correct routing and billing can be applied.

Click here to learn more about the Messaging Proxy 365 solution.

MT SMS grey or unauthorized routing

In some cases, traffic imbalance is caused by MT SMS traffic that is routed to customer via unauthorized routes. SMS Firewalls will help to block the traffic.

Digital Interconnect can also help our customers identify these cases through traffic analysis and testing.

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