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Rich SMS, also known as Rich Media Text or Rich Media Messaging, is simply an SMS with rich multimedia content. It takes SMS Marketing to the next level, providing visual content accessible from your SMS inbox through a unique shortened URL in the SMS.




Rich SMS allows enterprises to communicate with their customers more effectively by redirecting them from the URL in the SMS to their landing page to transmit information on their new products, promotions and special offers.


Excerpt from: - 'So, what is Rich SMS exactly'?


Message Manager Broadcast supports rich messaging content. Rich SMS features in Message Manager allow users to create a broadcast campaign that displays hyperlinks as Rich SMS (iOS preview) or URLs on the subscriber’s phone.



  • File upload for user to upload images
  • Hosting of images in Message Manager
  • Auto generated shorten URL for easy reference
  • Templates for quick use of image content
  • Ability to track the view / open rate of the image.
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