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As a part of our continuing efforts to improve your user experience, we are migrating from the Service extranet to a new web-based Report Manager for SMS 365, enterprise service. The Report Manager offers a new approach for SMS analytics and reporting and provides the following advanced new feature enhancements that improve traffic and message management:

  • More secured user management that allows customers to create and manage their own users.
  • Intuitive, new user interface that provides dynamic search capability, ability to sort, remove and re-arrange columns.
  • Optimized reporting to focus on the traffic statistics and message investigation.

The Service extranet will be shutting down by 1st October 2020 but you will still be able to access reports using the Report Manager:


We could not migrate existing Extranet account credentials to the new report manager due to the way the account is structure (based on Hub Account login) and security reasons. There will be some actions required from you and our customers in order to support this migration successfully.


IMPORTANT ACTION REQUIRED: For security reasons, please contact us to create a new account in the new Report Manager or if you have any questions or concerns. 

You can either:

To learn more about the new Report Manager tool, refer to the Report Manager for SMS 365, Enterprise Service - User Guide.


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