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Please note the following changes to URL registration, sender ID and rules on the message body for messages sent to Saudi Arabian Operators.


URL Registration and Rules on message body

  • URL registration is required for URLs contained in the message body. Non-registered URLs will be filtered and not get delivered.
  • Shortened URLs are forbidden, i.e. URLs generated by URL shortening services, such as bitly or, for example:, would not be allowed.
  • If you registered the URL, and it was operator approved, the message body would need to only include or http(s):// If you tried to send a message body with the URL, the SMS would not be delivered, as the subdomain "news" had not been registered. Both subdomain and domain name must match what has been registered.
  • URL registration is different from sender ID registration, which means that if a sender ID got approved, it does not mean that the same sender can use any URL in any future campaigns.

Sender ID Registration:

  • All sender IDs must be registered both for Promotional and Transactional traffic, otherwise delivery will be unsuccessful.
  • Promotional SMS must contain “-AD” on the sender ID; not “AD” or “ AD” (with space).
  • The total length of the TPOA must not exceed 11 characters for Transactional SMS.
    • For Promotional SMS, “-AD” will be included as part of the 11 characters.
  • Default/General/Generic sender IDs are not permitted.

Please contact your Account Manager if you have any questions.

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