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A new regulation has been introduced in Turkey to help eliminate spam in international traffic. The regulation is effective immediately and states that:

Any bulk MT regardless of the nature (transaction, marketing, etc.) that is sent in Turkey needs to have an operator identifier.

The operator identifier is a 4-digit code assigned by the Turkish Telecom Board – for example, the code for Digital Interconnect is B050. Therefore, Digital Interconnect will be adding this 4-digit code to the end of every message regardless of the customer.

You do not need to do anything from your end. The Turkish Telecom Board has requested that Digital Interconnect  automatically add 5 characters (the 4-digit code followed by a space) at the end of each message. 

Important Note: This will affect the MT character limitations.  Any content sent to Turkey will now have a limit of 155 characters instead of 160 - otherwise it will be counted as 2 MTs. 

Digital Interconnect will complete this implementation by 15 December 2016 at 00:00am (GMT+3). 


This is key information for new launches in country and needs to be seen more broadly by those involved with or considering new use cases in Turkey.


Curious - does the adding of the operator identifier code impact the ability to concatenate messages, breaking down longer messages into multple segments of 156 characters + the identifier?

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