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Due to ongoing SPAM issues on New Zealand networks, Digital Interconnect’s Routing Operations Team decided to close down default routing on shared Short Codes towards New Zealand in June 2018. This was done to minimise the risk of our shared Short Codes being shut down by the respective operators (due to new NZ regulations), if spam traffic was to be found on default routing. Since then NZ operators have implemented even tighter controls over A2P messages.


The New Zealand Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act (known as the anti-spam Act) makes it a legal requirement for all commercial email and SMS to NZ recipients to include the identity of the Sender as part of each message content. A2P SMS on a confidential or undisclosed sender basis is therefore not allowed.


In order to comply with these legal requirements and to protect NZ customers against spam and fraudulent SMS, it is necessary to follow the whitelisting policy and get pre-approval from the operator before routing any traffic to NZ. Any Short Code found to be carrying Spam/Phishing will be shut down after more than one breach.


Please check with your Account Manager if you require more information on this topic.

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