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What information do I need to provide when raising a support ticket to the Digital Interconnect Service Desk?



If you are unable to find the solution for your issue by searching the Enterprise Knowledgebase or by using the Report Manager tool, then there are several key pieces of information, which must be gathered before you raise a ticket with the Service Desk and any investigation can take place.


The table below provides examples of the key information, required for any given investigation for most incident types:


Information element

Element breakdown

Element summary


An internationally formatted phone number which may be prefixed with a '+’

The MSISDN should be an international phone number format which includes a country code, an area code and a subscriber number without any local exchange access codes

A good example would be +447912345678, where +44 is the Country Code


The unique system-generated identifier for the message

This will be returned to the customer server once the MT has been correctly received and acknowledged

Details of the issue experienced


Log excerpt showing the nature of the issue experienced

Error Messages

Error response and return codes

Where connectivity issues are being raised

TCPDump (where a ‘.PCAP’ file is produced, which can be opened using the network tools available)




Originating IP Address and Port

Destination IP Address and Port

VPN Issues

VPN Tunnel details, IP address and port, with destination IP and Port details, and the IP and Port details which SMS 365, enterprise service, should see.


The Time-stamp detailing when the issue occurred with time-zone details



A completed example support template is shown below:


Support Template

Support Template



Order ID




What is the issue?

Customer received delayed alert

What is the timestamp when the customer is trying to do a transaction?

01/09/2013 09:21:05 AM GMT

What is the timestamp when the issue occurs?

01/09/2013 09:21:05 AM GMT

Has the customer received messages successfully before?


Is the customer roaming?


Which operator is he roamed to?


Which handset is the end-user is using?


It is important to ensure that you check the Enterprise Knowledgebase and that you carry out some investigations using theReport Manager tool to check your MSISDN(s), before raising a ticket with the Service Desk.

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