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How do you start or stop receiving Digital Interconnect Enterprise NOC Maintenance Notifications by e-mail?



Stop receiving Enterprise NOC Maintenance Notifications by e-mail


If you want to REMOVE an individual from a Hub Account Alert list, do the following:


  • Check any existing internal distribution list you may have to which alerts are being received from Enterprise NOC, and if the person is listed, remove them from that list.
    • You do not need to send a ticket to the Service Desk.
  • If the email address is not contained in the distribution list:
    • Raise a ticket to Service Desk, providing the Hub account details and the email address of the contact to remove.
    • If this contact can be found, the entry will be removed from the account, and confirmation of the removal will be provided.


Start receiving Enterprise NOC Maintenance Notifications by e-mail


If you want to start receiving Enterprise NOC maintenance notifications, then send your request to the Service Desk providing the following details:


  • An external facing distribution email address.

Note: The account to which the external facing distribution email address should be assigned must be a Customer Contact.

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