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One of perhaps the most frustrating things for a customer is not understanding why a message (or messages) are not delivered to a specific subscriber's handset.  Other than some more common or obvious reasons such as the subscriber is beyond cellular coverage area or the subscriber account is not active, there are a few little known conditions that can impair delivery:


1.  Subscriber Account is Administratively Blocked - This condition is one where and administrative block for Enterprise/A2P messaging exists on the subscriber's account.  Some operators provide a tool for a subscriber to block A2P messaging so as to avoid text messaging charges.  This typically occurs when a parent wishes to restrict service for a child or when a company wishes to limit the charges an employee may incur with the company-issued phones.  We often see this condition with Sprint and T-Mobile.  Additionally, a company-issued T-Mobile handset (also referred to as a "business line") has the administrative block enabled by default, so if your subscriber is on a T-Mobile business line issues by his employer it's common that the block is the cause for message delivery issues.  The resolution for this is to have the subscriber contact their operator or IT administrator to remove the "short code" blocking function.  


2.  Text Messaging is not available on a plan / out of credit - While much less common today as many subscribers are on post-pay unlimited text messaging plans, it is still common to see this condition with pre-pay and some entry-level priced plans.  The resolution for this issue to have the subscriber validate their existing plan with their operator and make the necessary changes.


3.  Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) - Operators often wholesale minutes to brands who in turn repackage the service and present it as their own. Tracfone, StraightTalk, Net10, and Walmart Family Mobile are all examples of virtual operators that are reselling another operators service. Sometimes however, these MVNOs do not support A2P messaging thus preventing subscribers and users of these services from participating in A2P campaigns.  There is no consistent resolution to this issue, but we recommend the user contact their operator for more information.


For more information please contact your Account Manager.

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