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When you submit a support ticket to Digital Interconnect, the general rules for defining a severity of a ticket are as follows:





(Severity one)

A Severity 1 problem consists of a fault that renders the whole or an important part of the Service unavailable. This applies to a total outage of the Service or rejection of more than 20% of incoming orders from a client’s interface due to server failure.

  • Network outage – Input interfaces not reachable
  • Database outage – traffic not processed.
  • Messaging gateway outage (http(s)/smpp)
  • Application outage (message manager, content manager, ppg).

Note: For Platinum customers, this means across all the Digital Interconnect platforms and 20% of the messages during the customers selected time frame.


(Severity two)

A Severity 2 problem consists of a fault causing acute operational problems creating significant business impact (for example, considerable service restriction like the rejection of less than 20% but more than 5% of incoming orders)

  • Customer unable to connect (http(s)/smpp)
  • Short code(s) not working
  • Customer not receiving MO’s
  • MMS platform outage
  • All messages to a particular destination not delivered
  • Global notification issue.


(Severity three)

A Severity 3 problem consists of a fault, which causes non-acute operational problems (for example, delays in sending SMS to the Mobile Operator or unavailability of the service details).

  • Delivery delays
  • Customer not receiving notifications or handset acknowledgements
  • Extranet unavailable
  • Messages duplicated.


(Severity four)

A Severity 4 problem consists of a fault causing inaccuracy in respect to the service details available to customers on the Extranet.

  • One or a limited number of messages not delivered
  • Ported number issues
  • TPOA issue
  • Concatenation issue
  • Extranet statistics incorrect
  • Blacklist number
  • WAP push or mms send not working
  • Message syntax inquiry
  • Special characters sent incorrectly or extra characters inserted in message
  • Messages truncated
  • Requests for information, no fault
    • Add / Modify IP
    • Account Routing – new and changes
    • New Account Setup
    • Change MO URL
    • Change of contact information
    • Request for specifications documentation
    • Request for test routes.


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