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DB05 is a SMS 365, enterprise service status code meaning ‘Call barred by destination operator’ or ‘Rejected by destination operator’, which indicates that the MT message could not be delivered and cannot be retried.


Possible Reasons for a DB05 response


There are a number of reasons why the DB05 status code is returned, some of which along with the actions that should be taken, are detailed below:





End User

The end user’s operator has restrictions set on the account based on the tariff and the associated terms and conditions of the account.

The end user should contact their network operator, to either remove the restrictions in place, or change the contract to a tariff which permits the SMS MT services.


For example, a daily or monthly usage limit has been set

End User

MSISDN is barred

The end user should contact their network operator, to either remove the restrictions in place. The MSISDN may be blacklisted or not permit certain SMS based transactions

End User

The end user does not have short code messaging enabled on their account, or is using an MVNO service of an operator that does not support messaging

The end user should contact their network operator to either enable the short code messaging.


Where the operator is a MVNO, the end user should confirm that their operator has no contractual restrictions in place with the backbone operator - i.e., The operator used by the MVNO to supply its products and services to end users.


ALL MT traffic using a specific service number with a specific US operator have returned DB05

The customer should supply the Campaign ID when submitting the MT to Digital Interconnect, when sending traffic to US based end users.


Rejected By operator due to the campaign not being active on the operator network

Raise a single user issue (SUI) ticket to the Service Desk (SD), detailing the OrderID, MSISDN and date/time the MT message was sent, so that the SD team can investigate.


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