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What's new

With version 1.1 we are moving to support versioned domain access.
Starting with the Verification domain, you can access services by using the v1() API calls.
The existing non-versioned services will no longer be updated with new features/fields.


What's Changed since v1.0.0


[Feature] Design

  • Non-versioned Verification domain is split into dedicated Start and Report new versioned services


[Feature] Synchronization with documentation terms

  • Callout related fields and APIs are now named Phone Call
  • Seamless related fields and APIs are now named Data


[Feature] Start Verification

  • VerificationStartRequestSms
    • [Specs] Support Accept-Language option
    • [Specs] Support code type option
    • [Specs] Support expiry option
  • VerificationStartRequestPhoneCall
    • [Specs] Support speech option
  • VerificationStartResponseData
    • [BugFix] targetUri field added


[Feature] Verification Report

  • [SpecsFix] VerificationReportResponse: Report service no longer returns a common status response shared with status service, but a dedicated verification report response.


[Feature] Webhooks

  • [Protocol specs]: VerificationRequestEvent.acceptLanguage field is deprecated


[Tech] Logs

Reduce logging severity related to phone number not compliant with E164 format


Link to Maven central repository: Sinch Java SDK
Link to GitHub repository: sinch-sdk-java 


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