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This article contains useful information regarding Sinch Short Code Campaign Pricing in North America


Disclaimer: Prices shown on this page are only indications and may be subject to change. Always contact a Sinch Account Manager for the most up to date pricing.


Contact Sinch to discuss the most up-to-date costs, and to calculate costs related to your business needs.


What are Short Codes in US and Canada?

Short Code (also called Common Short Code - CSC) is a special 5-6 digit number which is used for any "A2P" text messaging in USA and Canada. These numbers are used as a way to enable fair use of mobile messaging to the benefit of consumers and companies offering products and services to wireless subscribers regardless of choice of Wireless Provider.
When do I Need a Short Code?
A CSC is required to run mobile messaging services. In other words, CSC is used as an originator of all mobile messages associated with a specific mobile service/campaign.
Who manages/issues Short Codes?
CSC are issued and managed on behalf of all mobile carriers in a country by a central issuing registrar. Wireless carriers in respective countries chose these organizations to administer applications and issuance of CSC. 
In Canada, CSCs are administered by the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA), who act as an intermediary between the Canadian carriers, policy makers in the Canadian government, and Aggregators like Sinch.


What Types of Short Codes exist in the USA?

There are two types:

  • Vanity - Vanity short codes are requested (if available) by the applicant.
  • Random - Random short codes are simply assigned to the applicant at random, you do not get to choose.


What Types of Short Codes exist in Canada?

There are two types - Short code and Long code. The difference is that long codes are 8-digit codes assigned in sequential order.

Note: Vanity codes are offered without additional cost if available. 


How much does it Cost?


Common Short code

$1,103.03 USD for first 3 months. $257.37 USD in month 4 to end of 1st year.

Note: Canadian Short code programs are assigned for a maximum of 1 year. Prior to the 1 year expiration, the brand owner of the code has right of first refusal to either cancel or renew the existing code for 3, 6, 9, or 12 months.

*Sinch Lease Management Fee: $110.40 USD




*Sinch Lease Management Fee: 100USD




*Sinch Lease Management Fee: 100USD


* Note: In both US and Canada, Sinch can manage your SC Leases for a minimum charge and mirror your US Campaign on record with registry up to date.  <- This is a requirement to renew your US SC lease.


US Carrier Campaign Fees:

US Operator Setup & Monthly Management One-Time Monthly Service
US CSCA Random Short Code Lease   $500 
US CSCA Vanity Short Code Lease   $1,000 
Sinch US Short Code Management Fee    $100
Sinch CAN Short Code Management Fee   $110.40 USD
T-Mobile & Metro by T-Mobile (+Virgin & Boost) Setup fee for each new short code campaign provisioned, including short code campaigns migrated from another aggregator $500   
Verizon (standard rate short code migration fee) $150   
Verizon (FTEU new short code set up fee) $2,000   
Verizon (FTEU short code migration fee) $500   
Puerto Rico    
Claro PR $100   


US Carrier Messaging Fees:

US Carrier Fees MT MO
Standard Rate SMS via Short Code Messaging Fees    
T-Mobile & Metro by T-Mobile & Sprint Family (+Virgin, Boost) $0.0025   $0.0025 
US Cellular $0.0035   
Verizon $0.0030   
AT&T & Cricket $0.0030   
ClearSky $0.0035   
Interop $0.0035   
Puerto Rico  MT MO
Claro PR $0.0740   
Boost (formerly Open Mobile) *Sprint/T-Mobile Acquisition $0.0025   
Liberty Wireless $0.006  
US Standard Rate MMS via Short Code Messaging Fees MT MO
T-Mobile & Metro by T-Mobile & Sprint Family (+Virgin, Boost) $0.0100   $0.0100 
US Cellular  $0.0100   
Verizon $0.0050   
AT&T & Cricket $0.0050   


Canadian Carrier Campaign Fees (all prices in USD):

Canadian Operator Setup & Monthly Management One-Time Monthly Service
CWTA Short Code Application Fee (incl. 3-month lease) $1,103.03  
CWTA Short Code Lease Fee (starting 4th month)   $257.37
Bell & Virgin Short Code Provisioning $367.68  
Rogers Provisioning $73.54  
Videotron Provisioning $-     


Canadian Messaging Fees (all prices in USD):

Canadian Operator Surcharge Messaging Fees MT MO
Standard Rate via Short Code    
Bell & Virgin Mobile $0.0049  $0.0049 
Rogers & Fido $0.0026  $0.0026 
Telus $0.0048  
Videotron & Fizz $0.0037  $0.0037
Eastlink Mobile $0.0037  $0.0037
ISP Telecom** $0.0025   
All other carriers $-     $-   

 ** Billed in USD


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