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It is important that your media file complies with the KakaoTalk's criteria, which is defined  in the Media Messages section of our KakaoTalk developer documentation:

Media included in the Media message will be rejected by the channel if:

  • the width is below 500px, or if the 'width:length' ratio is below 2:1, or above 3:4 or if the image dimension is not equal to [800px * 600px]
  • image file format is different than JPG or PNG
  • file size is bigger than 500KB or for image with dimension [800px * 600px] is bigger than 2MB.

Double check your image and make sure it's in the right format before resending your FriendTalk message.  Here are few examples you can use: 

  • 500x1000 px, 500x800 px, 500x500 px, 500x400 px
  • 600x1200 px, 600x960 px, 600x450 px
  • 720x720 px (Recommended!)
  • 800x600px (wide image)

The Sinch Developer Documentation site contains comprehensive documentation that illustrates how Sinch supports KakaoTalk through the Conversation API.

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