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Sinch Status page

Community Manager
Community Manager

The Sinch Status page provides information about:

  • Operational status of the Sinch platform
  • Current or past maintenance notifications

You can also use it to investigate what could have caused any issues you might have had with your traffic and how they were resolved. You can also subscribe to get alerts to any information that may impact you.


When you access the Sinch Status Page, current issues and maintenance notifications are displayed at the top of the page:


FAQ35 Fig1.png


Below this you can see a list of all of the different Sinch services and their operational status:


FAQ35 Fig2.png


As you can see, both of the alerts that were highlighted at the top are visible here, both the issue with the flash call verification and the current maintenance. The rest of the platform shows as being fully operational. To view a section in more detail, click the + preceding the product or service you are interested in. This section is expanded to show you more information and details.


Scheduled Maintenances

The Scheduled Maintenances section contains a list of all upcoming maintenance windows:


FAQ35 - Scheduled Maintenances 1.png


This information is very useful to check against so you determine if there is any work coming up which might impact your traffic.


System Metrics

The System Metrics section highlights REST API response times:

 FAQ35 - System Metrics 1.png


Past Incidents

The Past Incidents section contains a list all past issues and maintenances:


FAQ35 - Past Incidents 1.png


You can use this information to help investigate traffic issues to see any of these past incidents may have impacted your traffic or caused your messages to fail.


Subscribing for Alerts

For details of how to subscribe to Sinch Status updates, refer to the How to subscribe for Status updates article.

Shahzad Ismail
Head of Knowledge Management and Community Engagement, Sinch