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You must register a complete and accurate address associated with a phone number you're using with Elastic SIP Trunking.

If you have not added an emergency address to the number, there is a banner directly above the Voice Configuration options for the telephone number warning that the number does not have an emergency address registered to it.



The Emergency Address is a physical address location that Sinch will send along with any 911 calls made from this number. If the 911 operators are unable to communicate with the caller, they will dispatch emergency personnel to this address.


   Note: If a call is made to 911 from a number without an address registered to it, a $75 fee will be assessed per call.


Clicking the Add Emergency Address button will take you to the Emergency Services Registration page. Alternatively, it can be found under Emergency Services beneath the Numbers section of the navigation menu.


Validating your address

Before we can register an address to your number, we need to validate the address to ensure there are no problems locating it. On the Address Validation screen for the number, enter the physical address associated with that number.



Our system will attempt to validate the address. If there is a problem, we will give you the option to edit the address and try again. Additionally, we will make our best “guess” as to the correct address and present it as an option for selection. This usually consists of small formatting changes. However, please scrutinize the correction we provide closely before accepting it.




After you have validated your address, you will be presented with a final screen to confirm your selections.




If everything looks correct press the “Submit Request” button to finish registering your address.



Your number is now registered with an address if anyone needs to dial 911 from it.


Import note! It’s important to confirm and test that the emergency call is provisioned with the correct address, but do not dial 911 to test that it is working properly! Instead, place a call to 933 from your SIP Device. This is treated exactly like a real emergency call except instead of being sent to a PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point), the call is routed to an automated system which will verbally read back the emergency address to you for your verification.


Congratulations! You now have a fully functioning Elastic SIP Trunk. Give yourself a hand!

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