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Call Detail Records for your calls can be found in the Call Records section beneath the Elastic SIP Trunking category in the navigation menu.



Here you can search through records of the calls made across your Elastic SIP Trunks. Search filters are available to let you narrow down your search by From, To, Direction, Date and time, as well as the call Result. After you have located the records you are searching for, they can be easily exported into a .csv file for further use.

Call Record Fields

  • TIMESTAMP – The time the Invite was first received by our system
  • FROM – The number or SIP URI of the Calling Party
  • TO – The number or SIP URI of the Called Party
  • TRUNKNAME – The friendly name of the SIP Trunk involved in the call
  • DIRECTION – The direction of the call
    • Inbound – An Inbound call is one that the Elastic SIP Trunking platform has sent to the customer
    • Outbound – An Outbound call is a call which the customer has sent to us for termination to the Public Switched Telephone Network
  • DURATION – The length of time the call was connected for voice conversation.
  • RESULT – The outcome of the call.
    • Completed – The call completed successfully without any problem. The call was connected through with duration.
    • Busy – The call was routed to the end party, but we received back a SIP 486 Busy Here response.
    • Failed – The call was unable to be completed. This could be due to system error, network congestion, or simply because the number was misdialed.
    • Cancel – The call was routed to the user but was rejected with something other than a User Busy.
    • No Answer – The caller hung up before the call was answered.
  • COST – The estimated charges for the call.
    Note: This is for informational purposes only. The value here does not include any taxes or discounts.


You can also export all records to a .csv file by clicking the Export button.

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