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After configuring your SIP Endpoints, you will need to configure your outbound call settings.



Configuring Country Permissions is optional; US, Canada, Puerto Rico and USVI are allowed by default.

Access control list (ACL) configuration is mandatory if you intend to terminate calls to the PSTN.

The ACL is used when customers initiate calls to their SIP Trunk. If the call is placed to your SIP Trunk's Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN), we next check if that call is from an allowed IP. If so, we allow the call to go through. Otherwise, the call will be rejected with a SIP 403 Forbidden message.


Note: You can also use Digest Authentication alongside or instead of ACLs to authenticate your SIP calls.


Select the CREATE NEW ACL button to open the ACL creation wizard:




Enter a name for your ACL, as well as an IP Network Address and range using Class Inter Domain Routing (CIDR) notation. If you are unsure of the proper range, don’t worry. To help avoid mistakes we display the full range of IPs you are allowing at the bottom of the wizard window. Click CREATE when you have added your first range. When it is created you can add additional ranges to the ACL as needed.


After the ACL has been created, use the drop-down menu to select it and add it to the trunk.




Configuring Inbound Call Settings

If you would like us to obtain and pass CNAM information for inbound calls to your numbers, you may enable it here.




Note: This service has an additional cost if enabled.


Congratulations! You have successfully set up your SIP Trunk. At this point you can configure your SIP PBX or Application to use the domain name you created and send outbound calls over your trunk. Give it a try!


Next steps

Now you can purchase numbers to add to your SIP Trunks.


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