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Verification API request (for flashcall) provides wildcard embedded cliFilter

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Start Verification API request (method = flashcall) provides "cliFilter": "(.*)70123(.*)" (within response).

Accordingly would like to show end user the UI caption like (+1)70123xxxx to fill up missing digits based on Flash Call.


Question 1: is the prefix (.*) noted under "cliFilter" is always (+(users country code))? If not, how can that be received within API response. How to handle case when user from (+234), receives a call from (+233) number?


Question 2: template defined as "cliFilter", does it always skips the last 4 digits, irrespective of total length of E164 formatted phone number?


Question 3: related to (method = callout), where is the text which is being played to recipient? As an example: "Hello, your MobiLine verification code is 123456".
As per documentation "Verification by placing a PSTN call to the user's phone and playing an announcement, asking the user to press a particular digit to verify the phone number (only iOS)". What does it mean (only IOS), why is the functionality limited to IOS?


Thanks in advance,




Hi Dave,


Happy New Year.


The answers to your questions are as follows:


  1. Flash Calls currently only originate from +1.  This provides the best possible results whilst allowing call origination to abide by all the necessary regulations.
  2. The last X digits are always related to the number visible to the user-agent (for example, mobile phone).  It isn’t always related to the actual valid number length, since sometimes additional digits can be appended to the valid number (for additional security).
  3. This looks to be an error in our documentation and will be updated.  The voice templates can be set up for you by Support - these templates can then be selected using the API.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions or require clarification for any of these answers.


Thanks and kind regards,

Lee Suker, Head of Number Intelligence and Authentication

Occasional Contributor

Hello Lee,


Thanks for the response.

Regarding to question #2. Want to ensure that UI presented to end user will provide X placeholders to enter the last X digits. Will that X be always 4 or 5 digits, to provide corresponding UI to end-user.


Regarding to question #3. Please provide a sample request template, for us to develop and test.


Thanks again,