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Problem when connecting to instagram account

New Contributor

Hi there,


I am facing an issue when trying to connect to instagram account even though I have finished all the steps inside the popup.



No pages selected or the app does not have permissions to list pages

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello, thank you for reaching out!


It sounds like you've already completed the steps described in our article on how to connect your Instagram account to a Conversation API app. We also have an article on how to troubleshoot your Instagram and Conversation API integration.


A few troubleshooting steps are listed below, though we do recommend reading each article to determine what action best meets your needs:


If you continue to encounter this issue after taking the above troubleshooting steps, please let us know (either via direct message or in a reply to this post).


Let us know if you have any questions, and thank you again for reaching out!


Sam Williams, Sinch Documentation Engineer