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Payload Error - Android Error

Occasional Contributor

I'm working with the Android SDK, it's an  inherited project 
I have the following error:
Payload is not a valid Sinch push payload SinchError[errorType=GENERIC, code=5001, message='', data={}]


But I don't understand the error. Can someone please help me understand the error?



Lets see if we can help, as we cannot see the error reference,


Please can you confirm;

If you have a call-id or server-reference then this would help us to see what the issue might be.

Roland-Ian Clothier, Developer Support Engineer

Yes I have do everything you mention there.
I recibe the Firebase notification for testing, the problem is when I get the notification.


Please tell me what information do you need and I add it to you.


ThanksError 5001





The payload you are passing is still not valid.


Is this error when using the sinch-rtc-sample-push sample that comes with the SDK? If not then please test with the sample first.


Please also check the  version of the SDK you are using.  If the SDK  version 4 or below then please use the latest SDK version.


If you can replicate this with the sample application and are using the latest SDK I invite you to open a support ticket and include the Logcat output from Android studio. 


Roland-Ian Clothier, Developer Support Engineer

Hello Roland.

Thank you very much for your kind answer.
I did a test with my keys at the calls do appear in the Sinch Dashboard log, but on my devices I can't receive any calls.
As the README of the document indicates, I put my keys and my Google Services JSON, but when I want to make a call, it does not reach any device.

On the other hand, I don't understand how your sample application is built, because I followed the tutorials at but it seems to me that the code is incomplete or something is wrong with it.

If you could give me advice.

Thank you so much



You need to provide your FCM credentials as per instructed here:

However currently our upload is disabled so I have sent you details on how to proceed separately.


Roland-Ian Clothier, Developer Support Engineer