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I'm getting a 301 error whenever I try to purchase a number through a REST Client

Occasional Contributor

For some reason, the exact same credentials, data and endpoint work fine when I do a CURL request:


curl -i -X POST -u apikey:secret '{project_id}/availableNumbers:rentAny' \ -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \ -d '{ "regionCode": "US", "type": "LOCAL", "numberPattern": { "pattern": "206", "searchPattern": "START" }, "smsConfiguration": { "servicePlanId": "service_plan_id" } }'


But when I use my Ruby console, and try to do this through a REST Client, I get the following error:

RestClient::MovedPermanently (301 Moved Permanently)


What's a common reason for the 301 error?


Occasional Contributor

For those who need help with the 301 error:

I had an extra / in the URL. Make sure that the URL is 100% matching.


For those who are getting a similar "invalid character" 400 error with a rest client:

Try converting your payload into a JSON string. All that I had to do here, was make payload = payload.to_json



Yes sorry, I never meant to doubt your ability.  😅 

I do it as this might be helpful to others who find this post, they might be just beginning with the concepts. 


Roland-Ian Clothier, Developer Support Engineer

Glad to see you solved it!  JSON can be fiddly for sure, so ensure its valid is always a good approach. 

Roland-Ian Clothier, Developer Support Engineer