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Reply templates are predefined messages that an agent can use to respond to customers more efficiently. Reply templates are typically used for common messages like greetings, opening hours, and apologies for waiting.


Only users with the Admin role can create reply templates. Once created, they are available to all agents in the Reply templates extension in Workspace.


To create a new reply template:

  1. Go to Conversations > Settings and select the Reply templates tab.
  2. Click the plus button plus_button.png at the top right. The New reply template pop up appears.
  3. Give your reply template a name. This name is visible to agents when selecting a reply template to use, so make sure it’s descriptive.
  4. Enter the message text. You can also use:
    • attributes to make the text personal or contextual (for example, $profile_name$ to add the customer name in a greeting)
      Just add $ to see the attributes to select from.
    • emojis
    • files
  5. Click CREATE. Your new reply template is now available in the Active reply templates table as well as in Workspace's Reply template extension.

Reply templates that are chatbots are created in Chatbots.


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