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A conversation is in one of the following states: Open, Postponed or Ended. Conversations of all states can be found in Conversations > All conversations, using the corresponding tab at the top of the table.



A new conversation will always start in state Open. Open conversations can be assigned and responded to by agents.



Postponing of a conversation is used to delay responding to it to a later day or time, for example, if an agent needs to first follow up on some actions or wait for further information. While a conversation is postponed, it is not visible in the agent's My conversations but will appear again once the selected postpone time is reached. The postpone time is defined by the agent when postponing the conversation by using the Postpone Screenshot 2022-11-25 at 15.57.01.png button in the chat header in Conversations > Workspace.



When the conversation is considered complete and no further response or action is expected, it goes into state Ended. Agents can end conversations manually using the End button in the chat header in Conversations > Workspace. Admins can also set a timeout that automatically ends a conversation after a configurable number of days. This is done in Conversations > Settings on the General settings tab. A conversation that is ended can be re-opened if it is the last conversation had with the customer, re-opening a conversation brings it back to Open state. This is done by using the Reopen Screenshot 2022-11-25 at 15.57.42.png button in the chat header in Conversations > Workspace.

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