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Chatlayer is the leading AI bot platform which allows you to build chatbots and voicebots. With our SaaS platform business users can easily build and maintain bots and make them available in 100+ languages. There is no limit to the size of your bot project with the Chatlayer platform.


Chatlayer services organizations globally in many different industries like Telco, Banking, Insurance, Real Estate, Government, Healthcare and many more. Our platform bridges the gap between technology daily and having great conversations in automated way.


Our custom-built AI makes for excellent Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and provides you with insights on how to improve your bot's performance, before and after it's live.


Benefits of Chatlayer


The main benefits of Chatlayer are:


  • One bot, multiple channels - From WhatsApp to Facebook Messenger to voice bots: build one bot and have it talk to your customers wherever they're at
  • Speak your customer's language - Build your bot in one language and activate it in 100+ languages with just the click of a button!
  • Powered by AI - Chatlayer has developed its own AI algorithms to boost your conversations. Create intents, expressions, entities & dialogs with a simple push on the button. Even when your bots become big, you keep a structured overview.
  • No coding-skills needed - Whether you're a business user or bot-building expert, anyone can create and manage bots using our intuitive platform!
  • Multilingual support - Build your bot in one language and make it understand 100+ languages with just one button click.
  • Analytics and Insights - Our analytics module you will see within a blink of an eye where the conversation is happening, how it can be improved and how to choose the right channel.
  • Fully integrated - Easily connect your bot to multiple channels and all your back-end databases. Hence provide your users a truly delightful experience.

For more information on how you can build bots in any language using Chatlayer, take a look at the Sinch Chatlayer product page.

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